Playing SWF files on Galaxy S2, iPhone 5 offline in ease

Before the Android phone release on the market, we know that to play SWF flash files on iPhone is a extravagant hopes, because the freezing relationship between Adobe and Apple. And now Android phone takes us the hope because it has Flash Player inside. And the classical example is Galaxy S2, and it even supports full HD video playback inside Adobe Flash player which is really a amazing job.

But the problem we must refer here is when let the 3G or 4G Android phone offline, When we point our browser to local file, say file://sdcard/game.swf , we get a message that file not found.

We can't stand always play the SWF file on-line, the most ideal way should be playing it without time limitation and net data traffic fee.

So you are recommended to use Mac SWF to MP4 Converter for portable divices. Within several steps you are able to convert the SWF files on-line or from your PC to Galaxy S2, or iPhone5. The following is the steps guiding:

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1. Install and launch it, to load SWF files to the program.
Grab file: if you need download on-line SWF video, hit "grab file",then enter the Website which have SWF video in the blank area, click "grab" to load the URL. Next to double click the appear successful loading URL, and then hit "OK".
Select file: if you have the SWF file on desktop , please click "select file" to import the SWF file from your PC.
load swf to program

2. Set the resolution for your smartphones if you need.
set smartphone resolution

3. Choose the MP4 format as output format.
set samsung galaxy iphone5 mp4 format

4. Click "Next" to enter the conversion interface and remember to click the "Finish" button.

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