How to convert/export/extract SWF file to GIF image?

Doremisoft SWF to GIF converter is a SWF to GIF converter software which can batch convert SWF file to animated GIF, extract SWF to GIF image and export GIF from SWF file, and allow users saving the frames as images. It enables the users to generate GIF file of any resolution and frame rate from the given SWF.

SWF to GIF converter application does not requires the users to put in much effort as the program's feature-set is trouble free to operate. In few simple steps you an easily convert the SWF file into GIF, as well as BMP, JPEG, PNG according to your requirement, besides, you can crop SWF video as you like and add watermark to you SWF file.

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Below is the step by step guide on how to convert SWF file to GIF image.

Step 1: Add SWF file to the software
Download and install software SWF to GIF image converter and it provides two options to add SWF file.
Select file: if you have the SWF file on desktop, please click "Select file" to import the SWF file from your Mac.
Grab file: If you want to add SWF files from website such as YouTube, Hulu, etc, you can click "Grab SWF", paste the URL and click "Download SWF".
add swf file

Step 2: Set GIF image output format.
"Next" button, Click the small arrow of "Profile" then pop out a window, go to "Picture", below is the output settings, choose "Customize", choose image type as GIF image, Frame Rate and Picture size is also available.
convert swf to gif

Step 3: Start Conversion
Follow the above interface to hit "Next" to enter the following window and then click the button "Start" to begin to convert SWF to GIF on Windows 7, XP, Vista

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